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Govindpura Kalwar Road,Jaipur 

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Director Massege

Dear Parents

Welcome to our Enriched Concept based Structured Preschool.

Viverio int. school is a vibrant community where children learn not only the skills but also the values that will prepare them for the next stage of their lives at school and beyond.

Our education goes beyond academic success and into very sphere of life.  We educate each student to successed in and contribute to our global community by cultivating creativity, compassion and pursue excellence.

We focus on creating warm secure and caring environment. It’s not only the brand new spacious stimulating, safe environment to learn and play that makes Viverio International School a unique and a head start that you can offer your child.

We provide longer hours at a theme and concept based atmosphere to bring out your Childs hidden talents and skills.

Top Child Development Centre offers you:

Customised Enriched Curriculum
Puppet Theatre
Theme based classrooms
Vegetable Garden   Ample Outdoor play area
Water play area   , Music Corner
Modernised Child friendly Facilities
Every corner is designed to cater to all the age groups
A  Delightful Learning Environ 

Life size Traffic Park with signals

After school Enrichment Programs for all age groups

 Viverio int. school is the vision of group professional offering highest standard of preschool.

Our Curriculum is designed by professional educational experts those have vast experience in preschool education.

We use center & theme based education to enhance and enrich our curriculum.

Viverio int. school will give your child the best possible early year’s education by providing the right environment and personnel growth, with the highest standards as followed by the educational experts in preschool education system.

Come to Viverio Int. School where teaching happens at a speed of light.