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Govindpura Kalwar Road,Jaipur 

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Admission Rules

Play Group cum nursery, K.G & prep :-

 Child should be two year plus , three year plus, & four year  plus respectively on 1st April of the year in which the admission is sought.

Class 1st  :-

Child should be 5 year plus respectively on 1st April of the year in which the admission is sought.

Application for registration is to be made on the prescribed form attached with the following documents:

(a)   Birth certificate from municipality office

(b)   One passport size photograph of your ward has to be  fixed in the due space on the registration form .The                parents will have to over sign the photograph and put one more signature below.

(c)    Registration form will not be accepted without date of birth.

(d)   The admission form of the candidates should be submitted to the office with the required fees.

School Timings

Summer Timings :  8.30.00 a.m. to 12  {P.G TO NUR.}   

                            8.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.    {LKG TO V}    

Winter Timings :-

Day Boarding    :-  2pm to 4pm

School Uniform

Boys : -
 1) Dark Mahroon  Shorts / Trousers
               2) Dark Mahroon Check Shirts
               3) White School Socks
               4) Black  Shoes

Girls :-   1) Dark Mahroon Check Shirts
               2) Dark Mahroon Skirt
               3) School Socks
               4) Black  Shoes
               5) White Hair Band / Ribbon

Wednesday & Sturday

Boys : -  1) white  Shorts / Trousers
               2) white Shirts
               3) White School Socks
               4) White  Shoes

Girls :-   1)White  Shirts
               2) White Skirt
               3) white School Socks
               4) white  Shoes
               5) White Hair Band / Ribbon


Winters (For Girls & Boys)
               1) Dark Mehroon  Blazer/ Dark Mehroon  Blazer  (Long Sleeves